Python Workshop by GeeksHubs

December 16th, 11:00h

In this workshop you will learn one of the most top programming languages that has grown very fast in the past few years.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages due to its application in the field of AI and Data Science. You will learn about Python fundaments and practical exercises with GeeksHubs.

There will be 3 groups in the workshop, each one of them will have one winner and each winners will receive a €500 discount on GeekHubs’ Bootcamps. The groups will be mentored by Partner Companies (Dekalabs, Mercadona Tech y Cecotec).


Limited capacity up to 60 participants. Free event powered by Valencia Digital Summit.

Innovate like Amazon with The Working Backwards Mechanism

December 15th | 11:00h

It will be a 100% practical workshop aimed at multidisciplinary teams (business, marketing, product, tech, sales…) working in digital products. As a team, you will learn the way of thinking and the methodology behind Amazon’s innovation, and apply it to your own products. Up to 5 members per company are allowed. You can split in 2 teams if you are more than 5.

Part 0: ​Introduction of the event: presentation of the hosts
Part 1: ​Explanation of the 4 basics of Amazon’s Culture of Innovation
Part 2: ​Start with the customer. Who the customers are? What are their needs?
Part 3: Ideation exercise
Part 4: What is the most important customer benefit?
Part 5: Jumpstart your Press Release
Part 6: Customer journey map
Part 7: Lean Canvas
Part 8: closing


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