VDS2023 Competition is set up by VDS (organised by Startup Valencia) notably, in collaboration with third parties from the Tech Industry (hereafter the “Partner(s)”).

The VDS2023 Competition encompasses applications and participation options for startups to exhibit, pitch and/or have meetings during the VDS event (to be held, ab initio, 26 & 27 October 2023) at the Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias, Valencia, Spain. The main purpose of facilitating application information, including personal data, is to be able to offer a platform at the event to boost awareness for shortlisted startups. 

Submissions for the VDS Pitch Competition will be reviewed by VDS and Startup Valencia team members, jury members and third party collaborators/sponsors, in order to select the most relevant startups to showcase and participate at VDS2023. Pitch Competition finalists will pitch to a jury of venture capitals, potential business partners, industry experts and VDS audience.

VDS/Startup Valencia is to organise the VDS event and to facilitate the professional gathering and opportunities between the applicants and the Partners. However, VDS/Startup Valencia shall not be held liable regarding decisions taken by the jury. VDS/Startup Valencia is not liable for the undertakings of each Partner vis-à-vis of the Applicant(s) and/or the Finalist(s) and/or the Winner(s), nor concerned or bearing any possible liability for the future or possible contractual or not contractual relationship(s) between the jury, including Partner(s), sponsors, third party collaborators and the
Applicant(s) and/or the Finalist(s) and/or the Winner(s) (as these are later defined in this document). It is specified that the number of Partners collaborating on the contest is subject to change, as well as the categories or the themes of the categories of the contest.

These terms and conditions can be superseded by a new version, at any time, for legal or regulatory reasons, or to reflect any changes applicable. Updated version will be available in the website, including “version date” at the top.



VDS2023 Competition is open to all startups from around the world. VDS/Startup Valencia reserves the right to request justificatory documents. There is no additional cost for entering the startup contest.

Applications should be submitted online at and the deadline to apply is June 29, 2023. After this date, no further applications will be considered. VDS/Startup Valencia cannot accept responsibility for lost applications due to internet and/or technical problems related to the use of the internet or the ftp site. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.

By submitting an application, (as “Applicant”) you agree that: 

  1. You are legally authorized to do so on behalf of the company or entity you represent, with sufficient faculties to such end.
  2. You guarantee that you are the sole initiator together with possible co-authors and warrant that you hold all the rights for the presented company/entity/project and the information related to them, and that you do not harm any potentially involved third party’s rights or anyone’s private life or likeness, and that the particular project/idea does not infringe any law, especially copyright laws.
  3. You recognize that VDS/Startup Valencia may already have received similar ideas to those submitted, and that these may be in development. VDS/Startup Valencia cannot be held liable towards the Applicants for infringement of any intellectual property submitted.
  4. Your application information can be shared with VDS and Startup Valencia staff (who are responsible for the challenge you are aligned with), as well as with the jury members and third party collaborators.
  5. VDS and Startup Valencia staff may contact you independently.
  6. You have read and accept VDS/Startup Valencia Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  7. You will receive marketing or communication materials from VDS/Startup Valencia (can be opted out).
  8. You will maintain the integrity of the event by providing truthful information and refraining from any non-genuine behaviour. 
  9. If selected, your conduct will keep with VDS/Startup Valencia‘s intention to create a safe and respectful event. 


All startups selected for the VDS Pitch Competition, Meet the Startups and/or the Expo Village (as these terms are defined below in this document), will be featured in VDS/Startup Valencia‘s communication channels (website, email, social media, etc). Additionally, this information may be shared with interested investors and corporations attending VDS. This can include company name; company website; industry/vertical; one-liner; development stage and company HQ location. The purpose of this is to boost awareness of participating startups and help facilitate relevant connections between stakeholders.

VDS/Startup Valencia reserves the right to reject any written/visual idea or project should its content be perceived as deliberately interfering with honour, human dignity, with third parties’ rights, pornographic, racist, provocative, discriminatory or violent.

The submitted projects cannot be withdrawn from the contest once the application has been submitted, except in the case of force majeure.



VDS/Startup Valencia will transmit all applications to partners and sponsors supporting
VDS (the “Sponsor(s)”) involved in the selection, depending on the participation option/s selected during the application process. The partners and sponsors are industry experts in the technology, entrepreneurship or investment area.

Following a preliminary evaluation of applications, the list of “Top 50 Startups” for the Pitch Competition will be published. Of these, Ten or more selected Applicants -selected remotely by industry experts and Partners (hereinafter, “Finalists”)- will be invited to pitch on stage at the VDS Pitch Competition finale in front of a live audience that will include investors, business executives, entrepreneurs, government officials, and the general public. The winners (hereinafter, “Winners”) will be decided by live jury members and will be announced on stage. 

Finalists will be notified of their selection in writing by VDS/Startup Valencia, at the latest on July 30, 2023. Applicants can be selected to participate in one or more activities. The selection decisions are final and without appeal. By entering the contest, the Applicant agrees not to challenge the selection decisions on any ground.

A panel of high-profile professionals representing the industry, such as venture capitals, sponsors, potential business partners & industry executives, will determine the most convincing startups that will participate in different activities at VDS2023, under criteria of innovation, scalability and impact.

The selection criteria that will be used to select the finalists and winning startups is:

  • Invertible, an interesting proposal for investors, financial institutions and/or companies.
  • Viability, technically and commercially viable projects.
  • Scalability, potential for internationalization and application in other countries.
  • Team, relevant experience and commitment to the development and launch of your proposal.
  • Innovation, relevant and differential innovative aspects.

All participation forms (Pitch Competition, Meetings with Investors and/or Corporations, speed dating sessions ‘Meet the Startups’ and showcasing at the Expo Village) will take place at VDS2023’s main venue, the Science Museum at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia (Spain) on October 26-27, 2023. VDS/Startup Valencia reserves the right to change the dates of the event.

The Pitch Competition and other activities may be recorded. In that case, you agree that VDS/Startup Valencia owns this content and you expressly authorize that VDS/Startup Valencia may use it as video on demand or for commercial purposes after the event.

Finalists will need to attend the VDS2023 (or be able to send qualified representatives such as the founder or the managing director of the project), to pitch their project during a public session or participate in the activity they have been selected for.

Pitch Competition Finalists might be asked to arrive in Valencia at least the day before the
conference for technical rehearsals. The Finalists will participate in the activities organised
by VDS/Startup Valencia. Any and all costs related thereto, will be sole responsibility of the
No remote pitching is allowed at the VDS Pitch Competition Finale. Finalists unable to send
a fluent English speaking representative to VDS2023 will be disqualified.



VDS designates prizes for the Winners, Finalists and Top 50 startups of the VDS Pitch Competition. Prizes are subject to change at the discretion of the organiser. Any changes to prizes will be updated and available on the website.

Notwithstanding additional prizes or benefits provided from time to time by the organiser’s third party collaborators, the organiser will provide the following prizes:

The startups included in the Top 50 list will receive the following:

  • 2 VDS2023 Business Passes
  • Pitch Opportunity at VDS2023 (Time and place TBC by the Organiser)
  • Mentions on Social Media and Newsletter
  • Mention on the VDS2023 website as Top 50 of the competition


Each of the 10 Pitch Competition Finalists will receive the following:

  • Pitch opportunity at the main VDS2023 Stage during the Awards finale
  • 4 VDS2023 Business Passes for free, granting access to our exclusive B2B forum for industry professionals with unique content and activities to foster valuable relations in exclusive encounters
  • A dedicated exhibition space at the Expo Village during VDS2023
  • Invitation to the Guest Reception on the 25th of October (Valencia, Spain)
  • Access to the VIP Lounge
  • Media coverage: startups will have the opportunity to be interviewed by our media partners who will enhance their visibility before, during and after the event.
  • One highlight article on our blog previous to VDS2023 featuring the 10 finalist including their statements
  • Networking opportunities through the VDS App
  • Mention on the VDS2023 website as Finalist of the Competition
  • Mentions on Social Media and Newsletter


The Pitch Competition Winning startups will receive the following, in addition to the prizes specified above:

  • Own exhibition space at VDS2024*
  • 4 VDS2024 passes
  • Exclusive networking opportunities at VDS2024
  • Meet international press for promotion of the winning startup
  • Interview with both winners (Seed and Growth) that will be published on our blog by early November
  • A dedicated article as a winner published on VDS website and promoted across VDS marketing channels
  • Mentions on 4YFN Social Media and Newsletter
  • A VDS trophy 


* Exhibition at VDS is subject to the acceptance of and compliance with the VDS standard exhibition terms and conditions, and all directions and requirements of the event organiser as may be provided from time to time.

** Passes/tickets cannot be reselled.



As specified in ITEM 3.2 above, selected Applicants will need to be physically present in Valencia, Spain on the 26th and the 27th of October 2023 in order to participate in any of the opportunities available. It will be your sole responsibility to take care if any requirements (as an example, Visa requirements, if needed) to be physically present in Valencia.

The Finalists will be responsible for accommodation, flights, and expenses on-site and other costs and expenses of attending and participating in all aspects of the event.

It is recalled that VDS is a communication and promotion event for innovation professionals from the entrepreneurial and innovative technology ecosystem. The Finalists hereby authorises VDS/Startup Valencia and their representatives (and guarantees that it has been authorised to that end by possible co-authors or third parties) to record directly or indirectly the public sessions with the presentation of the project(s). For the same purposes, the Finalists and/or the Winners also authorises VDS/Startup Valencia to reproduce and communicate the same to the public by any means, and on all media for the purposes of communicating on VDS2023 and/or the VDS Competition.

Information, including photographs, video or audio, if required, that is requested from the Applicant/Finalist is essential for entering into this contest and for access to the events. This material will be forwarded to third parties, including those companies that VDS/Startup Valencia has contracted for the purposes of implementing the contest and may be used, in this regard, on any media for dissemination relating to the event in question, including on the Internet, unless, in this latter case, there is an objection from the Applicant/Finalist concerning photographs. Through VDS/Startup Valencia, and except where there is an objection by the Applicant/Finalist, the latter may receive commercial offers or proposals from VDS/Startup Valencia and from other companies that are contractually linked to VDS/Startup Valencia. 

Registering and competing for VDS2023 Competition implies full acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions. No claims related to the pre-selection system, the selection of the winners, or any other aspects of the contest, will be accepted.

Applicants expressly agree to defend, indemnify, and hold VDS, organizer, Partners, Sponsors and any employees, contractors, agents, officers, and directors harmless from any and all claims, liability, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees, that
may arise to any breach of these terms and conditions by Applicants, or any other liabilities incurred by us arising from the attendance and/or participation in VDS.



In the event of circumstances independent of VDS/Startup Valencia’s will, and resulting in the impossibility of organising VDS2023 and the VDS2023 Competition, the contest shall be cancelled without any indemnification whatsoever.



All personal data submitted by Applicant in connection with VDS Competition is processed by the organiser (Asociación Valenciana de Startups) in accordance with the policies and practices described herein and Startup Valencia Privacy Policy (as may be amended from time to time).

Organiser will use personal data submitted by Applicant to: (i) confirm submissions for VDS Competition and evaluate Projects with jury members and third parties involved in the process; (ii) communicate with Applicant relevant information about VDS Competition and (iii) schedule meetings or sessions, when applicable (iv) introduce their profile to Partners and Sponsors.

Organiser does not sell Applicant’s personal data to anyone, and except as described in Startup Valencia Privacy Policy and herein, Organiser does not share or disclose Applicant’s personal data to third parties for their independent purposes.

By submitting a Project to participate in VDS Competition, Applicant represents and warrants that: (i) Applicant has the authority to submit all details required in connection with the Competition, (ii) Applicant has communicated the rules described herein with Applicant’s team members and obtained the necessary authorizations to apply for VDS Competition;  (iii) all details submitted for the purposes of VDS Competition are accurate; (iv) Applicant will  inform the Organiser if there are any changes to any of the data submitted.

Applicant acknowledges that Organiser may publish a photograph of Applicant and certain information about Applicant on VDS2023 website and Startup Valencia and VDS media channels, if Applicant is selected to participate in VDS Competition. Such information might disclose Applicant’s: name, company, city of residence or other relevant information.

By participating in the VDS Competition, Applicant agrees to the use of Applicant’s personal data in the ways described herein, provided that in the event of any conflict between these VDS Competition Rules and Regulations and Startup Valencia Privacy Policy the terms and conditions of these VDS Competition Rules and Regulations shall prevail.



The present Terms and Conditions are governed by Spanish Law.

For any dispute arising in connection with the construction and/or performance of the present terms, the courts having jurisdiction at the place of the registered office of VDS/Startup Valencia will solely be competent to rule on the matter, which is expressly
acknowledged and agreed by the parties.