BigTranslation is a translation agency that provides professional translations carried out by native translators.

They offer various types of language services, much like a traditional translation agency, but in a totally disruptive way and with the aim of providing solutions to the needs of the digital sector.

They differentiate themselves from other translation agencies by offering:

360 degree linguistic solutions: they translate all types of texts and formats. This includes services such as transcription, sworn translation and subtitling.
Only professional native translators: they work with thousands of native translators residing in the country of their mother tongue.
A powerful technology platform: the place from which all projects with clients and translators are centralised and managed.
Customer success: they help their users to address processes and propose scalable strategies based on priorities, forecasts and client deadlines.

Their platform currently has more than 1,548 professional translators, more than 50 languages available and they have carried out more than 6,080 translations.