DreamHack is known for being one of the most important events in the esports and gaming scene. How has the event evolved over the years?

DreamHack was first held in 1994 in Sweden as a gathering of classmates from a primary school in Malung. It gradually grew to unexpected levels, eventually receiving the Guinness World Record for the festival with the most devices connected to the internet.

It arrived in Spain in 2010 and since then, it has worked tirelessly to become one of the most important esports festivals in the country. However, DreamHack is not just about video games. It is a festival that brings together companies, professional players, and, of course, the more amateur audience. In the end, it is a safe bet that offers entertainment and fun for all types of audiences.

In 2022, two editions of DreamHack Valencia were held, one in July and another in December. These two editions had a total indirect impact on the city of nearly 20 million euros and welcomed over 135,000 gaming and youth culture fans.

In 2023, the first summer edition was already held, which managed to bring together more than 65,000 people at the event and had another 2 million following it through streaming. At this moment, we are already working to ensure that the upcoming winter edition, which will take place between December 8th and 10th at Feria Valencia, achieves the same success as each of the previous editions.


Tell us about the gaming industry. What are the keys for this industry to experience such significant growth?

An industry like esports, which generates around 1.45 trillion dollars annually, has gone through different stages since its beginnings. However, the key to its success has always been listening to the customer, in this case, gamers, and keeping the community at the center.

The past years have been frantic, and there are many factors that have fostered this growth. On one hand, the growth of esports in Spain has been driven by their global popularity, but also by investment in infrastructure, the participation of professional teams, and, of course, the support of brands.

All of this has allowed for the development of local talent, the continued organization of in-person events, and ultimately, the continued coverage of a phenomenon that has proven successful in countries like Spain.


Valencia Digital Summit celebrates its sixth edition on October 26th and 27th at the City of Arts and Sciences. What are your expectations for VDS2023?

For us, events like VDS2023 represent an opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in the emotional state of the technology sector. Ultimately, the mere act of sharing knowledge provides a unique learning opportunity from which all types of companies can benefit.


What role do international tech events like Valencia Digital Summit play in fostering the innovative ecosystem?

Events like VDS play a fundamental role as they create a conducive environment for innovation, talent development, and startup growth. Ultimately, technology hubs are key players in connecting actors who otherwise wouldn’t be able to connect.


VDS generated a business volume of over 10 million euros in 2022. How do events like VDS contribute to creating and strengthening synergies and relationships between companies?

If events like VDS allow for the creation and strengthening of synergies and relationships between companies, it is thanks to the important role it plays as a networking space. Through conferences or workshops, companies can connect with each other, exchange ideas, promote new projects, or explore new collaboration opportunities.


What has led you to collaborate with VDS2023?

Being part of events like VDS2023 allows us not only to witness the latest innovations in the industry but also to showcase the important role that esports events like DreamHack Valencia play in an increasingly cross-cutting industry.


The innovative and technological ecosystem in Valencia has positioned itself as a reference hub in southern Europe. Why do you think Valencia continues to grow exponentially year after year? What sets Valencia apart from other prominent hubs?

Regarding esports, Valencia has historically positioned itself in the industry thanks to the role played by educational institutions such as ESAD or studios like Codigames or Digital Sun. This, combined with the celebration of DreamHack Valencia since 2010, has created a conducive environment that fosters industry growth.

In addition, public institutions have supported the industry, not only by supporting these leisure activities but also by promoting projects like Valencia Game City for future development.