Disruptive startups from all around the world. These are the types of winners of the VDS Competition. The international startup competition of Valencia Digital Summit’s sixth edition is set to welcome two new tech startups to its list of winners. 

The competition continues to grow every year, with 2022 alone witnessing over 500 applications from more than 35 countries. It comes as no surprise, given that the startups claiming the award will go down in history as distinguished winners of VDS. Furthermore, they will benefit from the unique networking opportunities, heightened visibility, international media exposure, and business promotion inherent from a global tech event like VDS.


Shower of awards at the VDS2023 Pitch Competition

On the 6th of July, the top 50 startups will be announced. These startups have been selected by the expert jury of the competition for their innovative and disruptive nature, and they will gain even more visibility at VDS2023.

To discover the 10 finalists of the Pitch Competition, who will gather at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia on the 26th and 27th October, we will have to wait until the 24th of July.

Earning a spot among the top 10 finalists in this competition and participating in the Pitch Competition is already an extraordinary achievement. The ten chosen tech companies will present their projects during VDS2023 to a top-level international jury comprising renowned investors and industry leaders. This means that they will have the opportunity to pitch at a tech event that is expecting over 10,000 attendees from more than 80 countries, and that attracts over 400 international investors with a total investment portfolio exceeding €8 billion.

The two winning startups, one in the Seed category and the other in the Growth category, will secure a space at VDS2024 and exclusive benefits such as networking opportunities and prominent visibility.


Winning startups at VDS2022

Trebellar (Best Seed Startup). Founded by two Florida-based Spaniards, Trebellar claimed the Best Seed Startup award at the fifth edition of Valencia Digital Summit for their platform that unifies and analyses the data generated by buildings, making them more efficient and sustainable.

 “As a Spaniard who has been working in the US for a long time, it is fantastic to witness this thriving community. The future looks promising, a fitting slogan for this event,” said CEO Diego Ferreiro about VDS2022.

Delivers.AI (Best Growth Startup). This Turkish startup, with offices in London, Istanbul and Dubai, secured the title of Best Growth Startup at the VDS2022 Competition thanks to the development of a robot that provides an on-demand delivery service for food, groceries and parcels. Usame I, a Robotics Software engineer at the startup, highlighted their mission, stating, “We aim to solve traffic problems while building a better future through zero-carbon technology“.


Winning startups at VDS2021

Streamion (Best Seed Startup). An advertising platform that  specialises in connecting advertisers with live streaming channels and video-on-demand platforms. Their approach integrates advertising seamlessly into streams, eliminating the need for disruptive interruptions. It won the Best Seed Startup award at the VDS Competition 2021 and was also a finalist at the 10th edition of South Summit.

For José Barreiro, the CEO of the startup, the key lies in “thinking differently and implementing ideas differently“.

Nect (Best Growth Startup). Recipient of the Best Startup Growth award at VDS2021, this startup developed an AI-based application for automated online identity verification.

The whole point of building a good future is to deliver positive change, and in order to do that, we must take risks,” stated Rubén Levy, Country Manager at Nect, during VDS2021.


Winning Startups at VDS2020

Camillion (Best Seed Startup). A Mexico-based startup founded by Valencian Adrián Doménech that has developed an internal audio and video messaging app tailored for sales teams and distributors. The tech company started 2023 with a successful round of funding, securing €1.8 million for its expansion plans.

Reflecting on Valencia Digital Summit and the innovation ecosystem in Valencia, CEO Adrián Domenech mentioned: “The positioning of Valencia is key for attracting top international speakers from renowned companies to VDS“.

REGEMAT3D (Best Growth Startup). Based in Granada and Valencia, this startup designs and develops customised solutions in the field of bioprinting and regenerative medicine. The startup achieved significant progress in 2022 by successfully closing its second round of equity crowdfunding, raising €515,402.



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