Redefining the Medicine of the Future: Disruptive Advances in Genetics and Biotechnology

We will delve through revolutionary innovations in genetics and biotechnology. We will explore how these advances are reshaping the landscape of medicine, offering new possibilities in diagnosis, treatment and human health.

University of Valencia Science Park Tenants Pitch Session

Pitch session participants:

Maria Luisa Domingo, CEO, Evolving Therapeutics

Angel González, Chief Marketing Officer, Datipic

Julio Madrigal, CEO, Ibions

Alberto Ruiz, Manager Director, Poplac Development

Manuel Pérez, Founder, Mendel Brain

José Vicente Roig, Laboratory Manager, Rara Avis Biotec

Rafa Corell, Design Manager, IRG Group

Ángel Tolosa-Ruiz, CEO, Digital Optical Imaging Technologies, S.L.

Kristin Suleng, Communication and Marketing Director, University of Valencia Science Park

Juan Albacar Serrano, CEO, Robinfy