Cybersecurity: Vital Boost for Digital Business

Discover trends in cybersecurity for next years and how a robust cybersecurity strategy can be a crucial differentiator for success and trust in digital business, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and strengthening customer relationships in an increasingly threatening digital world.

Smart Mobility Trends Pitches

Pitch session participants:

Bruno Romero, EMEA & APJ 3DP Solutions Manager, HP 3D Printing

Marcos Rozas, CTO, Grupo Gimeno

Sustainable Mobility Trends Pitches

Pitch session participants:

Monica Perez, Product Sales Manager, Nutai S.L

Javier Belarte, Business Development Director, Xpander

Susana Otero, Head Engineering Group, Aimplas

Justyna Mazurek, International Sales, Nunsys

Victoria Pérez Alba, Market Development, Ds Smith-Tecnicarton

Javier Sánchez, Managing Director, Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV)

Ana Belén Alandete Chova, Senior Project Analyst, Quick Release (Automotive) Ltd

Chris Butlin, UK Automotive Practice Owner, Quick Release (Automotive) Ltd