What are Opentop’s future plans and goals in terms of expansion and innovation?

Since its launch on the 23rd of March, 2022, by the Valenciaport Foundation, Opentop has successfully organised two hackathons, one highly customised incubation programme, and one equally highly customised acceleration programme, which collectively involved 8 startups and nearly 100 participants.

We are currently gearing up for the next phase of our programme, which will focus on the growth of the participating startups. This will be facilitated by access to key stakeholders in the port logistics sector and the opportunity to conduct pilots with leading companies in the field. This initiative is complemented by the expertise of top business mentors provided by our strategic partner, Wayra, and the Valenciaport Foundation’s two decades of experience in the sector, all made available to our startups.


During the last edition of Valencia Digital Summit, the Ports & Logistics Forum underscored the significance of open innovation in the sector. What new developments can attendees expect in this edition?

The Ports & Logistics Forum confirmed the industry’s growing interest in innovation, with a specific focus on innovation driven by startups. Building on this interest, we have since worked to organise a much larger event in a different format: the Port Entrepreneurship International Congress. This day-long event will serve as a convergence point for leading figures in innovation and entrepreneurship within the port logistics sector from all over the world. Entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, and international port innovation hubs will share experiences and knowledge in the incomparable setting of Valencia Digital Summit at the City of Arts and Sciences, therefore solidifying Valencia’s position as the world capital of entrepreneurship in the sector.


Valencia Digital Summit is holding its sixth edition on the 26th and 27th of October at the City of Arts and Sciences. What are your expectations for VDS2023?

The Valenciaport Foundation’s aim through Opentop is to foster open innovation within the port logistics sector, facilitating connections between entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals in the industry while creating collaborative opportunities and business ventures for all involved. VDS2023 plays a pivotal role in our strategy to achieve this goal, serving as a cornerstone that unites all key stakeholders and showcases the role of innovation in shaping a better, more sustainable, and profitable future.


What role do international tech events like Valencia Digital Summit play in fostering the innovation ecosystem?

In my view, they play a crucial one. They provide visibility and significance to innovation as a whole, but particularly to entrepreneurs and their ideas. These events bring together all the relevant stakeholders in one place, allowing the exchange of experiences and perspectives, and above all, creating opportunities for all participants.


VDS generated a deal volume of over 10 million euros in 2022. How do events like VDS contribute to creating and strengthening synergies and relationships between companies?

As I mentioned, these events, and especially VDS, enable us to connect our sector with startups, generating synergies and opportunities for all involved. Particularly VDS is our flagship event, and so we have the “home advantage”, which allows us to have a stronger presence and to physically bring the innovation of the startups closer to the companies and entities within the port community.


What led you to collaborate with VDS2023?

The Valenciaport Foundation and Opentop have been collaborating with Startup Valencia for some time now, and we are Supporters of the Association. For us, collaborating with VDS was a natural step. This year, in particular, we aimed to launch the Port Entrepreneurship International Congress, and VDS provided the ideal framework for this endeavour.


Valencia’s tech and innovation ecosystem has established itself as a prominent hub in southern Europe. Why do you think Valencia continues to grow exponentially year after year? What sets Valencia apart from other leading hubs?

Valencia’s dynamism is undeniable. However, I believe we shouldn’t settle, nor should we obsess over comparisons. We must continue working as we have been, collaborating among ecosystem stakeholders, each contributing from their respective roles. Beyond the climate and quality of life, which are important but not sufficient, I believe that our differentiating factor is the alignment of all the actors in the ecosystem, who genuinely share the enthusiasm for turning our city and region into a true innovation hub. In our case, for example, through Opentop, we contribute to establishing the consortium of the ports of Valencia, Sagunto, and Gandía as an international benchmark for innovation in our specific sector. Other stakeholders within the ecosystem pursue their own objectives, contributing across various sectors. And, in particular, the role of Startup Valencia and the VDS is proving to be instrumental and is bearing fruit.