For those who may still be unfamiliar, what is the Mobility Innovation Valencia event?

MIV 23 is the event dedicated to promoting sustainable and intelligent mobility. It was established in 2021 by the Automotive and Mobility Cluster (AVIA) of the Valencian Community. Its primary aim is to highlight the potential of the region’s innovative, technological, and productive ecosystem, bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders such as companies, technology institutes, universities, and innovative entities.


Tell us a bit about the event’s trajectory in recent years.

During its inaugural edition, the event received support from the Ministry of Productive Sectors and Sustainable Economy and featured a well-curated programme  that showcased projects related to sustainable and intelligent mobility. The inclusion of exhibition areas, presentation sessions, and a space for B2B meetings infused the event with a dynamic energy.

In the following year, the event underwent a significant transformation and was relocated to the City of Arts and Sciences. This served as a catalyst for the participation of over 40 companies, including prominent entities within the automotive sector, tech-based firms, and mobility startups.

Notably, the event featured presentations and pitches that allowed us to share innovations, ideas, and projects with over 1000 attendees. Theoverwhelming success of the second edition solidified commitments from various companies and institutions to participate in the third edition. Additionally, the collaborative efforts between AVIA and Startup Valencia resulted in the integration of a dedicated space for emerging companies within the mobility sector, further strengthening the symbiotic relationship between the two organizations.


What role does the innovation ecosystem play in this event?

It is crucial. The current state of the automotive and mobility sector cannot be imagined without innovation. With the anticipated disruptive changes now manifesting, the integration of innovative strategies has become a prerequisite for companies to avoid obsolescence. Within the Automotive and Mobility Cluster of the Valencian Community, we understand innovation in a broad sense, encompassing not only the optimisation of production processes and products to increase competitiveness and sustainability, but also the integration of cutting-edge technological applications that are reshaping the landscape of mobility. The Mobility Innovation Valencia event stands as a platform dedicated to showcasing the innovations of all stakeholders in this field.


Given the significant presence of startups in the Valencian mobility sector, what advantages are associated with hosting the event within the framework of VDS2023?

We believe it’s a wise decision. Startups bring a sense of agility and versatility to established companies, and in turn, established companies contribute startups with their extensive experience and robust structures. Furthermore, the digital and technological setting provided by VDS2023 acts as an ideal catalyst, propelling the development of intelligent mobility towards its full potential.


In what ways do these events complement each other, and how can MIV 2023 capitalise on the strengths of Valencia Digital Summit?

Mobility Innovation Valencia was originally designed for companies and entities involved in sustainable mobility. By being held alongside VDS, we believe it opens up many opportunities for collaboration between companies from various complementary sectors, thereby fostering an environment conducive to generating fresh ideas and innovative projects.

Moreover, recognising the significant success of VDS last year in attracting over 10,000 attendees, we anticipate a sustained or increased turnout this year, which benefits all parties.


What type of content can attendees expect to see at the event?

AVIA is proud to present a diverse lineup of companies and institutions eager to showcase their developments in sustainable mobility. The event will feature presentations and keynotes covering a wide range of topics, from cybersecurity to plastronics, energy supply access points, and new advancements in battery technology. These sessions will be spread across two days, interspersed with scheduled meetings and interactions between the participating companies supported by AVIA. It’s worth noting that on Wednesday the 25th, AVIA will host a meeting with an automotive and mobility cluster from Finland that will be attending the MIV Event.

The session, titled “Tech for mobility: AVIA International Matchmaking event”, will take place at the Innovation Center of Las Naves Centre d’Innovació Social i Urbana.


Reflecting on your participation in past editions of Valencia Digital Summit, what has been your experience, and how would you describe its evolution since 2018?

At AVIA, we believe that Startup Valencia has done an exceptional job at managing this event, even amid the challenges posed by the pandemic. It has successfully positioned Valencia Digital Summit as an international benchmark in innovation, technology, and startups, and turned it into a domestically and globally renowned event. We are proud to be strategic partners for the upcoming sixth edition of VDS2023 and look forward to contributing to its continued success.