The upcoming sixth edition of Valencia Digital Summit is bolstered by strong institutional support, a key factor in ensuring its success. This collaborative effort between the public administrations and the event underscores its crucial role in establishing Valencia and Spain as international tech hubs.

For an event of such magnitude, expected to host over 10,000 professionals from more than 80 countries, the synergy among all public and private entities involved in the innovation ecosystem is paramount. This article provides an in-depth exploration of the key collaborators and the specific ways in which they are contributing to VDS2023.

Valencia Digital Summit has garnered strong institutional support from key partners, including the Government of Spain, Spain Up Nation, EOI, the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Regional Government), the Consellería de Innovación (Ministry of Innovation), the Diputación de Valencia (Valencian Provincial Council), the Ayuntamiento de Valencia (Valencia City Council), Valencia Activa, Las Naves, Parc Científic UV, and the Valencian Institute of Finance (IVF). Notably, VDS2023’s financial backing is reinforced by the European Union through the NextGeneration EU funds.

Several institutional representatives are set to participate as speakers during the event. The lineup includes Carlos Mazón, President of the Generalitat Valenciana; María José Catalá, Mayor of Valencia; and Vicente Mompó, President of the Diputación de Valencia, who will be leading VDS2023’s institutional welcome on Thursday, the 26th of October, at 1 pm on the main stage.

Furthermore, the Government Delegate in the Valencian Community, Pilar Bernabé, will join the President of Startup Valencia, Juan Luis Hortelano, alongside its CEO, Nacho Mas, in the closing ceremony.

Institutions are actively involved in the event’s programming through forums, panels, and presentations. Notably, the Generalitat Valenciana, through the Ministry of Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism, plays a significant role in the presentation of the 2023 Startup Observatory Report for the Valencian Community. Their involvement extends to the ‘The Future of the Valencian Industry’ discussion, featuring Felipe Carrasco, Secretary for Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, and Juan Antonio Delgado, Head of Institutional Affairs and Corporate Development at Stadler Rail Valencia SAU. Additionally, they will be part of the Health Forum on the 27th of October.

ICEX, in collaboration with the Diputación de Valencia, will be involved in panels addressing critical topics such as Digitalisation vs Employment and How to Secure Future Employment and Challenges of Public-Private Partnerships in Territorial Innovation Strategies. These panels feature esteemed speakers including Paula Llobet, Councilor for Tourism, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Jerónimo Mora, Secretary for Innovation, and Juan Ramón Adsuara, Deputy for European Funds, Electronic Administration, and Innovation.

Las Naves will facilitate informative round table discussions, such as the session on Public-Private Collaboration to Develop Effective Innovative Solutions for Active and Healthy Aging, scheduled for Thursday, the 26th of October, and led by Juan Mario Lecumberri, IoT expert from the AHA of the Institute of Social and Citizen Innovation, and Pilar Sala Soriano, Innovation Manager at MYSPHERA. Moreover, they are organising a conversation on the topic of ‘Climate Mission and Transformative Projects in the City’, featuring the General Director of the European Green Capital, and Ignacio Lacomba, Head of Parks and Garden Services in Valencia.

IVF is set to host a talk titled IVF: Public Support for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, featuring key industry figures such as Francesco Cacciatore, CEO and CTO of Paradigma Orbital, and Jorge Dobón, Managing Partner at Demium.

Distinguished academic and research entities will be showcasing their innovative projects in the exhibition area of Valencia Digital Summit, including ADEIT, Valencia Activa, Opentop, IVF, REDIT, UPV Innovación, Parc Científic, Tren Lab RENFE, and the Universitat de València.

The Parc Científic of the Universitat de València will host a session titled ‘Redefining the Medicine of the Future: Disruptive Advances in Genetics and Biotechnology‘ featuring María Luisa Domingo, CEO of Evolving Therapeutics, and Manuel Pérez, founder of Mandel Brain.

VDS2023 enjoys extensive support from various sectors including business, finance, and technology. Key entities such as Cámara Valencia, CEEI Valencia and CEEI Castellón, Distrito Digital, Feria Valencia, Fundación Conexus, Fundación LAB, Inndromeda, Innotransfer, INNDIH REDIT, SKYLab Valencia, UPV, ITI, Parque Científico Miguel Hernández, València Activa, VIT Emprende, Invest in Valencia, and VLC Tech City, among others, serve as valuable collaborators for the event.

VLC Tech City (Valencia Activa) will host the panel ‘GovTech: How Technology Can Transform Public Management‘ on Thursday, featuring Fermín Cerezo, Director of Innovation at the Valencia City Council, and Ferran Pla Cardona, Co-Founder of CDTM Valencia (Centre for Digital Technology and Management). On Friday, they will present ‘Valencia: The City of Gaming‘, with Arturo Castelló, CEO of Encom, and David Rosa, Technical Director of Las Naves.

The tech event has also received support in curating its comprehensive programme of presentations and contributions from industry experts and leading figures. Opentop, serving as a Supporting Sponsor of VDS2023 and a Supporter of Startup Valencia, will be hosting the Ports Forum on the Forum Stage for the second consecutive year. Furthermore, the Castellón Airport is set to host an Aerospace Forum.

Other public entities contributing to VDS2023’s programme include EOI with ‘The Break Fellowship – Nurturing Women’s Entrepreneurship‘, ENISA with ‘Enisa Talks’, CDTI with the panel ‘How CDTI Can Support the Growth of Spanish Startups‘, and INCIBE with the talk titled ‘Entrepreneurship in Cybersecurity’.

Valencia Digital Summit continues to showcase the positive outcomes that can be achieved through collaboration, reaffirming the region’s position as a leading tech hub in southern Europe year after year.