Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy

The blue economy as a driver for innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Global Outlook of Investment in Maritime & Port Startups

Status and main trends in VC investment in the sector.

Challenges and Trends in Maritime, Port and Logistics Industry

•Analysis of current challenges in the logistics-port sector.

• Identification of disruptive trends and innovation opportunities.

• The role of innovation in the blue economy

Peer Review: The Entrepreneurs Talk

The entrepreneurs will share its experiences starting up their businesses, key
learnings, the difficulties they face, how to overcome obstacles and how to succeed.

Port Innovation Strategies: The Role of Startups – Showcase

The three Port innovation hubs will discuss about their strategies and share their
outcomes and results for their port communities.

Pitch Session

Startups from innovation hubs communities and other international startups

Port Entrepreneurship International Congress Conclusions

Recap of the Congress's highlights, with key conclusions and recommendations for
innovation in logistics and ports. Next steps to foster innovation in the sector.