Valencia Digital Summit, the tech event promoted by Startup Valencia in collaboration with Plug and Play, is on a mission to seek out the most innovative startups with the potential to create a positive impact and build a better future. As the VDS Competition enters its fourth consecutive year, it has grown exponentially in popularity, attracting over 500 applications from 35 countries in the last year alone.

For startups seeking valuable experience and exposure, pitching at an internationally renowned tech event such as VDS is an unparalleled opportunity. With an audience of over 10,000 people, participating startups get to showcase their projects and compete for exciting prizes and incentives.

With the launch of the VDS Competition for VDS2023, now is the perfect time to discover the 30 finalists from the past three editions.


Finalists of last year’s edition

  1. Arkadia Space. This tech company from Castellón, led by Francho García, specialises in designing, developing and marketing engines and propulsion systems, and was named the most innovative startup in the Valencian Community by CaixaBank’s EmprendeXXI Awards. 
  2. Mojito360. This Valencian company has developed software that integrates all logistics areas and enables real-time monitoring of containers being transported by shipping companies and airlines.
  3. Trebellar (Best Startup Seed). Founded by two San Francisco-based Spaniards, it won the award for Best Startup Seed at the fifth edition of the Valencia Digital Summit for its platform that unifies and analyses the data generated by buildings, making them more efficient and sustainable.
  4. Exheus. Founded by Dr. Teresa Tarragó, this startup specialises in RNA analysis using Artificial Intelligence. In 2022, the company raised €900,000 in funding and is now preparing to expand into the international market.
  5. Reental. Leveraging blockchain technology and tokenisation to sell the first crypto-financed property in Spain, this startup launched by Eric Sánchez was also the largest tokenised real estate project in the country.
  6. Proky. A Slovenian procurement startup for catering and hospitality professionals that helps hotels, restaurants and schools save time, costs and reduce food waste by digitising their supply chains.
  7. Delivers.AI (Best Startup Growth). This Turkish startup, with offices in London, Istanbul and Dubai, was awarded the title of Best Startup Growth at VDS2022 Competition for its innovative robot that provides on-demand delivery service for food, groceries and parcels. 
  8. Drill Surgeries. Moisés Barberá, a young entrepreneur from Valencia, leads this startup that focuses on developing medical devices. In 2022, the company won the Tata Varsity Pitch 2022 Grand Final, promoted by NACUE.
  9. BizAway: This Italian startup offers a platform for managing business trips that provides average savings of 25% in commercial costs compared to the market price of the same booking, as well as greater time optimisation.
  10. IDnow. This French startup has developed a platform that enables digital identity  verification or electronic signature of contracts through a mobile device or computer.


The startups we discovered in 2021

  1. This data-driven marketing platform based in Madrid received a special mention at the 2021 Capital4Startups Pitch Day organised by Startup Valencia for its API-enabled digital rewards service.
  2. Streamion (Best Startup Seed). This startup provides an advertising platform for live streaming channels and VOD platforms, facilitating connections between advertisers and streamers. It won Best Startup Seed at the 2021 VDS Competition and was one of the finalists at the 10th edition of South Summit.
  3. Wenalyze. The open data analytics platform for the insurance and banking sector was named Best Startup at the 6th edition of the VLC Startup Awards and was the winner of the 2021 Capital4Startups Pitch Day organised by Startup Valencia. It raised €1.7 million in a funding round in March 2022.
  4. Decoditive. This startup applies Artificial Intelligence in the field of neuromarketing to help companies improve their understanding of their customers, increase sales, and launch more precise campaigns.
  5. Fauna Smart Technologies. A startup that develops tools and services aimed at promoting more sustainable agricultural practices and making food cultivation compatible with ecosystem regeneration.
  6. Breeze Technologies. An environmental consultancy firm based in Hamburg, Germany, that uses environmental sensors to measure air quality and analyse the data in real time. The startup won the pitch competition held by Santander X at Web Summit Lisbon.
  7. 1 Million Bot. This Alicante-based startup is a leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence, specifically in the development of virtual assistants (AVIs) for both the public and private sector. They were the first tech company to integrate their conversational chatbots into Decentraland, a virtual reality platform.
  8. Zeleros. This startup, named the most disruptive at South Summit Madrid 2022, specialises in designing, developing, manufacturing and supplying hyperloop vehicles for intercity passenger and freight transport. It recently received the Generalitat Valenciana Award for the Most Innovative Project for the Future of Mobility at the 2023 eMobility Innovation Awards.
  9. BusUp. An innovative ridesharing platform that works with corporations, universities and schools to manage bus travel programmes for their employees and students.
  10. Nect (Best Startup Growth). Awarded the title of Best Startup Growth at VDS2021, Nect is an AI-based application that provides automated, online identity verification services.


The winners in 2020

  1. actiMirror. The Hong Kong-based company led by Valencian Víctor Ruiz, focused on producing smart mirrors, has recently started a collaboration with MartiDerm to develop a mirror that can diagnose skin conditions and suggest cosmetic treatments.
  2. AllRead. A Catalan startup specialising in computer vision technology that provides intelligent reading solutions for supply chains worldwide. In the last quarter of 2022, the company closed a financing round of €2.5 million with the goal of expanding its presence in Spain, Europe and Latin America. 
  3. Aunoa. A Valencian startup specialising in developing software for customer service automation using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP).
  4. Camillion. A Mexico-based startup founded by Valencian Adrián Doménech that has developed an internal audio and video messaging app for sales and distributed teams. At the start of 2023, the company secured €1.8 million in funding to support its expansion plans.
  5. Doitplenoptic. A spin-off of the University of Valencia that has developed plenoptic technology to create intelligent products for a variety of applications, including clinical, biological, and industrial uses.
  6. GuruWalk. The international free tour community that connects travellers with local guides around the world was the winner in the Traveltech/Tourism category at the 6th edition of the VLC Startup Awards.
  7. Internxt. Fran Villalba’s Valencia-based startup, supported by Wayra and Srinivasan, offers a cloud storage service using blockchain technology, and achieved a valuation of €40 million in April 2022. The company recently won the Spotlight Valencia Pitch Battle at TNW Valencia and was also named the winner in the Software category at the 6th edition of the VLC Startup Awards.
  8. REGEMAT3D. This startup, with locations in Granada and Valencia, specialises in the design and development of customised solutions for bioprinting and regenerative medicine. In 2022, it successfully completed its second round of equity crowdfunding, raising €515,402.
  9. TheLogicValue. A fintech startup with offices in Spain and Chile and representations in Mexico and Colombia, which provides B2B solutions to organisations looking to digitise and automate businesses and processes in the financial field.
  10. Wuolah. A startup from Seville that has developed a platform for sharing notes, which enables content creators to monetise their contributions. In 2022, it raised €5 million in a funding round to expand its business in Latin America.


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