Valencia Digital Summit (VDS2023) promises to be the standout event of the year for gaining insights into the current and future landscape of artificial intelligence, a transformative technology that has burst onto the innovation scene with vigour, poised to reshape the world as we know it and profoundly impact our social, economic and institutional well-being.

The sixth edition of the international tech event organised by Startup Valencia, scheduled to be held on the 26th and 27th of October at the City of Arts and Sciences, will bring together world-renowned industry experts and prominent figures in research, innovation, academia, investment, and institutional leadership. The event will host a series of talks and debates aimed at illustrating how artificial intelligence is becoming an integral part of our lives, providing attendees with insights into the future of work, education, organisational and institutional evolution, and healthcare.

Vladimer Botsvadze, member of the advisory board at the US Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®), Ruben Melkonian, CEO of, Karim Benchaaboun, co-founder and CTO of Flowlity; along with AI expert Bartosz Ziółko, will share how they’ve harnessed artificial intelligence applications to enhance competitiveness within their respective sectors during the panel titled “Innovative AI Applications: Pioneering Solutions for Business Success“.

Furthermore, investment experts such as Guenia Gawendo, Managing Partner at Telefónica Ventures; Verónica Trapa, General Partner at Swanlaab Venture Factory; Patricia Pastor, General Partner at Next Tier Ventures; and Jonathan Hollis, Partner at Mountside Ventures, will assess the trends and opportunities within the dynamic AI market during the round table session titled “AI Venture Capital: Analysis of Trends and Opportunities in the AI market“.

Due to its cross-cutting nature, this technology will also have significant prominence in other panels. These include “The Convergence of Technology and Creative Adoption in Asia and Europe” featuring Adrian Roche; “How Innovation is Impacting the World, Intended and Unintended Consequences“, with a cybersecurity perspective presented by Facundo Mauricio, Cybersecurity Manager at Siemens. Additionally, the round table discussion titled “Future Trends in Travel: Exploring Innovations in Global Tourism” will feature speakers Alejandro Mullor, WW Public Sector Digital Strategist and Tourism lead at Microsoft; Daniel Nieto, Vice President of Government Engagement at Mastercard; Enrique Lancis, CIO at Globaldit; Ramón Ferri, Head of Institutional Relations at Segittur. The discussion will be moderated by Marta Ciudad, Manager of Adestic.

Several other panels focusing on artificial intelligence have already been confirmed. “How to Succeed in the Era of Artificial Intelligence“, featuring speakers Miguel Arias, General Partner at KFund, and Jaime Bosch, CEO & cofounder of Voicemod, will delve into the role of AI in digital transformation and the essential skills required to harness the potential of this technology across various domains. “Revolutionary AI: Tech transforms technical support with faster and more efficient solutions for IT departments“, hosted by Christopher Carter, CEO of App Royo, will explore how this cutting-edge innovation is revolutionising the tech industry, streamlining support processes and improving productivity in IT operations.

Pedro Mujica, Responsible for the IANé Project of Las Naves, Ajuntament de València, will give a presentation addressing the ethical considerations, challenges, and potential solutions associated with harnessing the power of AI while upholding human values and social well-being.



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