Main Pillars

We believe in a technology enabled future, born to encourage restless minds eager to build a better tomorrow. Whether a sprint or a marathon, innovation is the most impactful journey in the history of mankind. The global innovation journey will stop over at Valencia in October 2022. Together we will be tackling the main pillars of the innovation marathon:


Everything starts with the spark of an idea. In a dorm room, a garage, a slum, a university, a lab or an incubator, innovators can be found everywhere. Explore the creative outburst that leads to the birth of new products and services, the pitfalls and learnings for those who dare to build the future.


One of the hardest parts of the journey comes with the transition of teams and projects into fully-fledged organizations. Dive into the strategies and tactics that help underdogs morph into global leaders.


The concept of innovation was popularized by the work of R&D centers from leading corporations back in the 19th century. Today, experimentations between incumbents and disruptors are part of the board strategy. Learn from those who bring new ideas to the masses.


Influx of talent and capital largely relies on continued support from the public sector. The disruptive impact of technology can only be tamed by the ongoing conversation between innovators and society. Get inspired by purpose-driven changemakers and their impact on the global challenges of the century.

Summit Pro

VDS2022 launches Summit Pro, a new experience within the main tech event in the Valencia Region.
An exclusive B2B forum for industry professionals, with unique content and activities to foster valuable relations in exclusive encounters generating business opportunities.

  • Dedicated networking area
  • Tailored conference program
  • Access to speakers

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