Key Theme & Tracks

Valencia Digital Summit 2021 will be tackling the new reality with a positive attitude, strengthened after COVID and focusing on several main agenda topics:

The Good Life

When it comes to boosting our health & wellness, how can we harness the best that science & the latest technological advances have to offer? This track will explore what it means to live your best life today, and in the future.

The Good City

How can cities contribute to social and economic growth & overall improved wellbeing for residents? Shining a light on community ecosystems, diverse mobility options & urban planning logistics as well as other key focus areas, this track will explore the building blocks that cities need to succeed.

The Good Growth

Instead of being caught by surprise when your company starts growing faster than you thought possible, why not start planning today? It’s never too early to start laying the groundwork for your team to transition into scale-up mode so everyone can enjoy the excitement that comes with Good Growth.

The Good Company

Even as the pandemic forced most global corporations to accelerate their digital transformation objectives, the good news is that things are starting to improve for the people & teams that continue giving their best every day. Given the choice, will corporations have any other option but to choose a more conscientious path forward?

The Good Knowledge

What’s the value of “having knowledge” of anything these days when almost any piece of information is available at the touch of a button or click on a keyboard? This track will explore ideas about the future of education & leadership as both are critical to ensuring that we continue to nurture creative-thinking & visionary talent for our teams.

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