LLAMP, Conselleria de Economía Sostenible, Sectores Productivos, Comercio y Trabajo (Generalitat Valenciana)

Consellería de Economía Sostenible, Sectores Productivos, Comercio y Trabajo is the department of the Consell to which the exercise of powers in the field of sustainable economy, promotion of employment and the social economy, occupational and continuous professional training, intermediation in the labor market, industry, energy, productive sectors, domestic and foreign trade, sector fairs and promotional activities, crafts, consumption and research and technological innovation, exercising the powers legally attributed to these purposes.

Through LLAMP 3i they help accomplish one of the main objectives of the Generalitat Valenciana: to promote entrepreneurial initiative and job creation through the entrepreneurs of the Valencian Community.

The advanced acceleration programme seeks to encourage companies to achieve a triple impact, namely from a social, environmental and sustainable economy standpoint, in order to align them with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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