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Boundless: A New Mindset for Unlimited Business Success

October 27th at 12:10 pm - 12:40 pm

We are entering a new phase of civilization, driven by technologies like AI, nanotechnology, Blockchain, and robotics that will fundamentally and continuously change society. Self-driving cars, 3D printing and generative AI are just the beginning. Organizations need a new mindset to succeed in this future, a mindset that challenges conventions and orthodoxies and that empowers all their resources, human and digital, to be autonomous, connected and mobile, and collectively organized to be integrated, distributed and continuous.

BOUNDLESS has an important mission — to uncover and share that mindset with business leaders, strategists and designers. It shows how success need not be limited to company/shareholder profit but can extend to customer value, employee engagement, ecosystem resilience, and environmental regeneration while still delivering profit. BOUNDLESS describes seven principles for designing experiences, offerings and operating models to achieve that unlimited business success.


October 27th
12:10 pm - 12:40 pm


Innovation Stage by Banco Santander


Vala Afshar


Vala Afshar
Chief Digital Evangelist, Salesforce Tower